Do you have a +1?

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Thursday night. Urban. The coffeeshop @ Galatasaray backstreets. Can Öz & Max Popp. Half of plusoneistanbul. 2 plates of penne, beer, margarita, pizza and smoke. Let the interview begin.

Who is the team?
Can Öz. Can Publication House GM. Maxx Popp, Der Spiegel reporter. James Halliday, Monocle representator. Zeynep Tünay. 7 year Oxygen Radio DJ.

How did they meet?
Max meets Can while playing soccer. James meets Max at Diyarbakır. Zeynep is an oldest and dearest friend of Can. After couple of drunk night talking, Max’s Leman Kültür parties, James’s San Fransisco experiences, sometimes in the middle of september they decide to throw a party at Hayal Bistro. Something casual, between friends.

2 11-12-48What happened at the party?
They were expecting 500 people, but got about 1000. Baran yağmurlu made +1 cocktails were gone before 11. DJ John Daly couldn’t find another song to play when crowd was screaming again. At 4 o’clock when lights were turned on, everyone wanted the party to go on.

What are the future plans?
Every Thursday (the new friday) party goes on at Hayal Bistro (for now). Good music, half price at drinks, flirty mood on, 18-78 party people dancing on the floor.

What did we like?
Max Popp, reporter for Der Spiegel, who settled down in İstanbul after long trips at the south of Turkey. (It’s about time to mention he is 23)
Can Öz, GM for Can Publication House, son of Erdal Öz and he is quite modest. Between meetings, books, soccer and sleep, he still finds time to organize nights.
James Halliday, reporter originally, DJ professionally.
plusoneistanbul’s energy.

22 October 2009. 22:30. Hayal Bistro. Come early. Drink, have fun, dance. If you can’t make it this time let me know and I will inform you about the next one.